The meetings on the 2nd Tuesday tend to be more formal with speakers, events, entertainment etc and the meetings on the 4th Tuesday are more informal and known as the ‘Drop In’ when there is time to ‘chill & chat’, get to talk to people, do quizzes, make new friends etc. All meetings are normally held between 1pm-3pm.

For more information or to check what’s on please contact Gwyneth Johnson on 07592 904021
Or contact us via the Contact Us page.

The Meeting Schedule for 2022 (on which all are Tuesdays) is as follows:

8th March
22nd March
12th April
26th April
10th May
24th May
14th June
28th June
12th July
26th July
9th August
23rd August
13th September
27th September
11th October
25th October
8th November
22nd November
13th December – Christmas Party – TICKET ONLY